Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

A dental filling is the most common restorative procedure we usually receive in our dental visits. Fillings, as the name makes clear, fill the parts of teeth that are damaged by cavities as a result of tooth decay or by cracks, and fractures. Resin-based fillings can not only be matched to the color of the healthy enamel but require less tooth structure to be removed than amalgam and not only restore your teeth but also very esthetic.

Benefits of composite fillings

  • Invisible and natural-looking. Composite comes in many tooth-colored shades which blend in well with the natural enamel color.
  • Durable. Composite resin is wear-resistant and more durable white filling, and is recommended for small-to-mid-size fillings.
  • Multifunctional. Composite resin has many functions in treating teeth imperfections, from tooth bonding to restoring chipping, or as veneers to coat discolored teeth.
  • Great bonding to the structure of teeth. Composite fillings are adaptable to the tooth structure and easily bond to teeth. They protect teeth since composite resin bonds well at micro level to the surface of teeth. 
  • No thermal irritations. Unlike amalgam, composite resin is plastic and doesn’t expose you to irritating temperature changes when eating or drinking something hot or cold.
  • Less invasive. Composite fillings tend to be less invasive than amalgam fillings. This is due to the nature of the composite resin procedure that requires minimal drilling of the natural tooth to be placed.


How long do composite fillings last?

Typically, composite fillings can last between 5 and 8 years. If well taken care of, you can have your composite filling even after 10 or more years.

Generally, composite fillings are very durable when you practice good oral hygiene and follow maintenance tips. Poor oral health accompanied by a poor diet leads to the development of dental caries or tooth decay. This, in turn, decreases the life span of your fillings.

Does getting composite fillings hurt?

No, fillings are done under anesthetics. Dr. Lemons will numb the area around your tooth before starting your treatment. However, if you do have anxiety about treatment, Lemons Dental does offer laughing gas as a safe option to help alleviate your stress during treatment and help make your visit as comfortable as possible.


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