Full Mouth Restoration

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Full Mouth Restoration in Braselton

While prevention is the best method for maintaining a healthy smile, it is sometimes necessary to restore that health when the teeth have experienced physical damage or decay. At Lemons Dental, we provide patients with a number of options to enhance their oral wellbeing and the appearance of the entire smile. We help patients regain their confidence and comfortably perform actions such as speech and chewing.

If you experience discomfort when eating or smiling and are in need of full-mouth rehabilitation, contact Dr. Terry Lemons, and our team today.


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Rehabilitating Gums and Teeth

The first step for our full-mouth restoration is reestablishing the health of your teeth and soft tissues. Should you be experiencing mild to moderate gum disease, we provide periodontal deep cleanings, helping to reduce the damage caused by oral bacteria.

If the structures of the teeth have been compromised by infection or physical damage, we are able to restore them through root canal therapy. This treatment allows us to preserve the healthy portions of the tooth and is capped by a cosmetic restoration. If the tooth is no longer viable, we are also able to extract it, followed by the placement of a prosthetic.

Tooth-Colored Restorations

The dental restorations provided by Lemons Dental are made using durable, tooth-colored materials. Patients in need of fillings and minor adjustments to their teeth benefit greatly from the use of composite resin. Resin-based fillings can not only be matched to the color of the healthy enamel but require less tooth structure to be removed than amalgam.

Ceramics comprise many of our comprehensive restorations and allow us to enhance the health and appearance of the whole smile. Dr. Lemons uses ceramics to make restorations such as crowns, bridges, and full and partial dentures.

Full and Partial Dentures

If patients are missing a significant portion of the dental arch, or its entirety, we are able to restore the bite and smile through dentures. Full and partial dentures are made to look just like the natural teeth, and allow patients to regain speech and bite function.

Partial dentures are supported by a frame made from cobalt-chrome, which is resistant to wear. This frame attaches to the healthy teeth, keeping the restoration firmly in place.

The traditional full-mouth dentures provided by our practice are held in place through a mixture of dental adhesive and the natural suction of the soft palate. Should patients experience a further change to the shape of their jaw, or the denture becomes damaged, we are able to provide quick denture repair.

Dental Implant Restorations

The most durable prosthetics provided by our practice are supported via dental implants. These titanium posts are placed in the jaw, where they fuse to the bone and act as the root of the ceramic crown, bridge, denture, or other restoration. In addition to providing stability for the dental prosthetics, implants prevent bone resorption and encourage the long-term health and comfort of the jaw.

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If you are in need of full-mouth restorations to rebuild the comfort and aesthetic of your smile, contact our team at Lemons Dental today. Our practice in Braselton provides comprehensive dental treatment to meet your needs and expectations. 


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